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Welcome to the Jibengong Corner

The basic skills of Wushu, also refered as Jibengong, are the essential fundamentals - the building blocks - for becoming an accomplished Wushu practitioner, regardless of the type of Wushu that you practice, whether it is traditional or contemporary, focused on forms or sparring.

The process of learning basic skills is a long-term commitment. Beginners should practice the basic skills of Wushu at a comfortable level, with an emphasis on understanding the requirements of each movement while building up athletic attributes such as strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination.

Wushu basics encompass a wide array of techniques, exercises and drills divided in eight areas of instruction. They are: stretching and flexibility exercises, hand forms and hand techniques, stances and footwork, leg techniques, basic combinations, balance techniques, jumping techniques and tumbling techniques.

Zhengyatui, Ceyatui and Chaotiandeng

We have chosen two stretching and flexibility exercises and one balance technique in order to build up the picture gallery of the Jibengong Corner:

  • Zhengyatui is the front Wushu stretch
  • Ceyatui is the side Wushu stretch
  • Chaotiandeng is the standing splits balance position

Chances are you have seen these little drawings hundreds of times before and thought that those postures were something physically impossible. In the Jibengong Corner you will find real pictures of practitioners around the world, both professional and amateur, demonstrating that these skills are possible to achieve through correct technique and quality repetition.

Bear in mind that these "basic" skills are not necessarily "easy" skills. Beginners should practice at a comfortable level, with an emphasis on understanding the requirements of each movement while building up all the required athletic attributes, and unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Following a systematic and integrative training program is the only way to guarantee a successful and safe Wushu career.

Enjoy the pictures and remember: No Basics, No Wushu!

Photo Submission Instructions

Yes, you too can be part of the Jibengong Corner! Just send us an email with your picture to webmaster [at] We respect your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.




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